A freelance graphic designer and architect. I am an architect with experience of working in the field of landscape architecture.This gives me a depth of understanding of both fields and the relationship of one to the other.


Design and perspectives. My rapid freehand style, using a combination of hand-drawn and Photoshopskills, and attention to detail, can be particularly useful during the earlier stages of project development where ideas and design decisions need to be communicated visually to a client for approval or for promotional purpo


Clients like sketches. Often, clients can be unsettled by over-realistic computer renderings. They might feel a project has been taken too far without sufficient exchange and dialogue. A sketch perspective or diagram is more expressive of the creative spirit and can be more reassuring. It serves as a basis for constructive discussion.


I can undertake 1 drawing per day, but this mayvary depending on the subject and complexity. Ask me for a quote or give me atry, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Anywhereand everywhere.I am usually in Paris or London, but am ready to come to where you are. I canwork in your location or at a distance. I am never further than an emailconnection or telephone call.

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Address : 40 rue Durantin, 75018 PARIS

Phone Number : +33 (0)6 37 00 25 70

Email Address : paulcallen@fastmail.com

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